WhatsApp Immune model comes with a ramification of different features, and news updates in comparison to different variations. When you download WhatsApp immune, you’ll be capable of enjoying high ranges of privateness and speaking with others while not having to check in their numbers. You will even find many options to customize the colors of the conversations and trade the screen topics from the theme save within the KA WhatsApp.

Many users discover it tough to select that’s the best and maximum suitable version of WhatsApp Plus for or their wishes due to the fact there are so many variations to be had. Additionally, since the competition among builders is increasing, these variations are getting more and more popular with customers; WhatsApp Immune is one of the most famous and latest variations.

How to download KA WhatsApp Apk?
As a first step, make sure which you are aware that WhatsApp immune might be downloaded as an apk document, and not the official app from the App Store, so you may additionally come across some troubles while downloading WhatsApp plus immune. Before beginning the download process, it is important to keep these points in thoughts:

The simplest element you need to do is ignore this message. Don’t worry, this message is handiest despatched due to the fact wa immune is not from the unique corporation however as a substitute created by builders.
Make sure you allow the download function from unknown sources by way of going to Mobile Settings > Security > Enable Download from Unknown Sources.
Features of WhatsApp immune modern-day version 2022
High tiers of privateness
WhatsApp Immune 2022 gives you high degrees of privacy. If you go to settings and pick privateness, you can manage whose statuses appear, disable the option to delete messages from the other celebration, and cover your final online activity.

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JT WhatsApp Tajammal Mods

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