TOP IMMUNE/SECONDARY WHATSAPP is the WhatsApp that keeps some extra features as compared to simple WhatsApp. YoWhatsApp APK reliable contemporary model 2022 download in your Android tool. If you find your default WhatsApp a bit dull, then download Yo WhatsApp APK. It is a mod that enables you to personalize the APK. Call, send texts, video calling, share files, and many more functions come with YO WhatsApp’s brand new version.

YoWhatsApp (YoWA) is a mod that lets you customize the app in step with your choices. But before we get into extra details about the mod, you may need to check other WhatsApp mods at SoftGOZA.

Now let’s get began with our discussion on Yo WhatsApp. With this mod, you’re able to customize your conversations, personalize a unique chat heritage for each of your contacts, and change the font sizes. You also get diverse emoticons, ship complete-sized photographs, and films, or even send up as many as seven hundred pics multi-function go. This mod also lets you cover the names of your contacts.

Note: Many humans think that the use of a modified version of WhatsApp can result in banning from the unique app. This isn’t true, as we proportion anti-ban APK download links on our web page. You can without problems download and use the Yo WhatsApp APK on any device without getting banned.

YoWA is much like the professional version of WhatsApp except for the additional aesthetics. Installing this mod will nonetheless allow you to do the things you could do on WhatsApp, inclusive of making calls, sending written messages, voice messages, pix, films, and others.

When you want to download YoWhatsApp, you can locate it beneath. You will want to observe a few steps to download the app. Firstly, you want to have today’s version of Android. After you’ve got downloaded the app, you’ll need to verify your smartphone range. Then, you need to start the use of it. After the setup, you’ll comply with the prompts to set up your account.

What is Top Immune/Secondary Whatsapp

Immune WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp app that has amazing features such as preventing other users from deleting messages and saving the status of other users. Immune WhatsApp is available for download here. The immune version of WhatsApp is available as an APK download in Spanish with ghost themes. You are able to change the language to English by going to the settings for the application’s language and selecting English from the drop-down menu.

When compared to other versions of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Immune comes equipped with a wide variety of new features and updates. If you download WhatsApp in 2022, you will be able to communicate with your friends without having to remember their phone numbers, and you will also be able to enjoy high levels of privacy when doing so. Within the KA WhatsApp, you will also find many options to customize the colours of chats and change the theme from the theme store. KA WhatsApp is available for both Android and iOS.

How to download Immune/Secondary Whatsapp

  • To download WhatsApp Immune 2022, simply click the download button located at the top of this page.
  • Make sure you enable the download from unknown sources before moving forward. Enable downloading from unknown sources by going to the phone’s settings and selecting the security option.
  • Simply add your phone number after clicking the Install button.

WhatsApp immune 2022 features

  • You have a lot of control over your privacy when you use WhatsApp Immune apk 2022 because it gives you a lot of options, such as freezing your last seen, controlling who can call you, preventing others from deleting messages, and a lot more.
  • You can change the theme of your immune Whatsapp apk by going to the themes store, where you will find a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing themes to choose from. Visit the theme category if you would like to acquire additional themes.
  • It’s possible that many of your friends will send you messages. You might find yourself wanting to review the very first conversation in WhatsApp Immune on occasion. You currently have access to the first message, which is depicted here.
  • You can switch your WhatsApp to dark mode by clicking on the crescent icon, as shown in the image. This option is available to you.
  • In contrast to official WhatsApp, WhatsApp immune apk enables users to upload a video status that is up to 5 minutes long rather than the standard 30 seconds.

Other features of WhatsApp immune:

  • You are only able to deactivate Internet access in WhatsApp Immune; after that, you must activate the flight mode.
  • You can create as many separate accounts as you like and switch between them.
  • You are only able to modify the privacy settings for specific chats, not for the entire app as a whole.

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