Best Chocolate Sugar Cookies


The very best chocolate sugar cookies This recipe for fluffy, soft chocolate sugar cookies is the ideal foundation for a wide variety of luscious frostings and toppings because of its rich chocolate flavor.

Best Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Cookies with Chocolate and Sugar?

When we think of sugar cookies, our minds typically conjure images of pale, shimmering cookies with a light, delicate texture, covered with velvety frosting and colorful sprinkles.

These cookies typically have a chewy consistency, a great deal of sweetness, but not a great deal of genuine taste to speak of.

With a texture that is indescribably light and a flavor that is reminiscent of butter and vanilla, we have what we believe to be one of the web’s most popular recipes for ordinary sugar cookies.

As a consequence of this, we receive a lot of questions regarding cookie add-ins and sugar cookie component adjustments.

Because soft chocolate sugar cookies are one of my all-time favourite variants of sugar cookies, I thought I’d share the recipe with you today.

Best Chocolate Sugar Cookies

The question is, how do chocolate-covered sugar cookies taste?

Well… chocolate. Yet not just chocolate.

These cookies have the flavour of chocolate cereal from your childhood thanks to the high cocoa powder content, which, when combined with the butter and vanilla essence, gives them their distinctive flavour.

According to Lieutenant Dan, they have the flavour of Cocoa Puffs.

Best Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Components of Chocolate-Dipped Sugar Cookies

The only difference between the shopping list for ordinary sugar cookies and the one for chocolate sugar cookies is the addition of cocoa powder to the regular sugar cookie ingredients.

  • All-purpose flour – Before scooping and levelling the measuring cups, you need to make sure the flour in the bag has been aerated and lightened by stirring it.
  • Cocoa powder from the Netherlands – For the greatest flavour, use cocoa powder that is not sweetened and is of good quality.
  • Baking powder is essential for fluffy cookies that nevertheless retain their shape.
  • The flavor of any sweet can be improved by adding a pinch or two of sea salt.
  • Butter – Before you get started, make sure you let the butter come to room temperature.
  • Granulated sugar is needed in order to get the ideal balance of chewiness and crunchiness in the finished cookie.
  • Eggs provide both lift and flexibility to the body.
  • Extract of pure vanilla bean — To intensify the flavor of the chocolate!
Best Chocolate Sugar Cookies

How to make the most delicious chocolate-covered sugar cookies

When baking a dish from any recipe, it is essential to pay great attention to the directions in the recipe and follow them to the letter, including the measurements. When it comes to cooking, the majority of mistakes are made in the oven.
Before incorporating them into the dough, weigh out and thoroughly combine all of the dry ingredients. This helps to maintain the consistency of the mixture and keep it as even and smooth as possible.

Combine the butter and sugar into a smooth paste… That entails giving the two components a vigorous beating until the sugar crystals are completely broken up. This results in baked foods that are airy and light. Skipping this step will make your cookies dense.
Be careful not to overwork the cookie dough! After incorporating the flour combination into the butter mixture, continue beating the dough until it is completely smooth. A longer period of beating the dough will produce cookies with a more substantial texture.
Roll and put on the coat. The dough will have a highly pliable and sticky consistency. That should not be causing you any concern! Simply treat it with care and coat the balls with additional sugar by rolling them in it. (To distribute the cookies in an even manner, you can make use of a cookie scoop.)

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Don’t over bake. Because cookies frequently appear slightly underdone when it is time to remove them from the oven, it is tempting to keep them in the oven for a longer period of time than is strictly required. When the perimeters of the cookies have reached the desired level of crispness and golden colour, remove them from the oven and allow them to finish baking on the baking pans at room temperature. In this method, they will have crispy edges while the centres will be soft and chewy.
Visit our post on “100 Best Baking Tips” for additional advice on baking.

Best Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Look down below for the complete recipe for chocolate cookies that you can print off!

Recipe Variations

  • To make chocolate malt cookies, add some malt powder.
  • Mix in chocolate chips for cookies that are very chocolaty.
  • For Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies, sprinkle on some peanut butter chips
  • To make Chocolate Peppermint Cookies, mix up some peppermint chips.
Best Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Is There a Chance That the Chocolate Cookie Recipe Would Work Well With Cut-Out Cookies?

No. In point of fact, because this cookie recipe produces cookies that are extremely flexible and mushy, the dough cannot be rolled out, and the cookies do not maintain their shapes.

On the other hand, converting this recipe into one for cookies that are rolled out and cut out is a pretty simple process. I’ll teach you how to do it!

The Best Chocolate Cookies in Cutout Form

This recipe for chocolate cookies yields a dough that is robust enough to withstand being beaten by merely making a minor adjustment to the amounts of flour and cocoa powder called for in the recipe.

You will need to add 3 and a quarter cups of flour, as well as three quarters of a cup of cocoa powder.

Try to cut out as many cookies as you can with the first rolling, as is the case with any recipe calling for cut-out cookies. When you gather the dough and roll it out again and again, the cookies will get more difficult to bite into.

Additional Remarkable Recipes for Sugar Cookies

Best Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Best Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Prep time: 20 minutesCook time: 10 minutesTotal time: 30 minutesServings:45 servingsCalories:113 kcal


This recipe for fluffy and soft chocolate sugar cookies is the ideal foundation for a wide variety of luscious frostings and toppings to be piled on top of.



  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Line several baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside. In a medium bowl, mix the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt.
  2. In the bowl of an electric stand mixer, combine the softened butter and sugar. Cream the butter and sugar together on high speed until light and fluffy, 3-5 minutes. (This breaks down the sugar crystals; don’t skip!) Then turn the mixer on low and add in the eggs and vanilla extract. Once combined, turn off the mixer and scrape the bowl with a rubber spatula.
  3. Turn the mixer on low, and slowly add the flour mixture. Scrape the bowl and beat again for 30 seconds. Do not over-mix.
  4. Pour some extra sugar into a bowl to coat the cookies. Portion the dough into heaping tablespoons and roll into 1 inch balls. The dough should be soft and delicate – Don’t over-handle. Shake each ball in the sugar bowl to coat. Then place the balls on the cookie sheets 2 inches apart. Use the bottom of a drinking glass to press each ball, until it’s 1/2 inch thick.
  5. Bake each sheet of sugar cookies for 9-11 minutes, until the edges are slightly golden and the centers are just barely set. Cool completely on the cookie sheets.


  • These cookies are somewhat thin and soft. If you would like thicker puffier cookies, chill the dough for at least 1 hour before rolling into balls. Make sure to work fast so the dough is still cool when it goes into the oven. Bake for 11-14 minutes.
  • If you want to turn these delicate cookies into cut-out cookies: Use 3 1/4 cups flour and 3/4 cup cocoa powder. Make sure to chill the dough before rolling and cutting.
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