Bun Kabab Recipe – Pakistani


As a child, I genuinely believed that beef was used to make bun kabobs. Although some are, the traditional Karachi Bun Kabab Recipe is made entirely of daal. Apparently, frugality gave rise to bun kababs as we know them now. Street vendors who couldn’t afford the price of meat came up with these patties. The daal is flavorful in the same way that a great Shami Kabab is flavorful because it tastes like meat. Well, they fooled me.

Bun Kabab Recipe - Pakistani

How Do You Make a Bun Kabab?

Now, some people make bun kabobs with a real omelet wrapped around them, while others put coleslaw, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cucumber slices on theirs. Some individuals prepare their chutneys with just one, while others combine them with ketchup. One chutney caught my attention, but when I presented the idea to my Instagram foodie pals, they were strongly opposed. My subsequent taste tests convinced me that they were correctcorrect

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What’s Inside These Bun Kababs

Therefore, I’ve included what I put in my bun kabobs below for you to modify to your liking, okay?

  • I prefer Pav Bhaji buns, but you can use any bread you prefer.
  • chutney imli
  • a green chutney made with yogurt
  • sauteed red onions with red lentil patties that have been egg-washed and water-soaked to soften the red onions
Bun Kabab Recipe - Pakistani

Imli Chutney for Kababs in Bun

To perfect this tamarind chutney, I tried several different variations. To counteract the earthiness of the daal kabab, it needed to have somebody, the correct amount of tartness, and a hint of sweetness. By combining tamarind, mint, cilantro, a little brown sugar, and some spice, you can make a balanced chutney that doesn’t leave the bun soggy (which is extremely important!).

Bun Kababs with Green Chutney

With green chilies, cilantro, garlic, yogurt, and salt, I kept this recipe straightforward. You know, why mess with perfection?

Bun Kabab Recipe - Pakistani

Lentil Patty, also known as Daal Kabab

This recipe uses only daal to make the lentil patties. I adored the hefty (dare I say meaty again?) feel of the patties when they were prepared in this manner. Although I have heard of mashed potatoes and other ingredients being added, I tried to keep it simple.

The daal is soaked, cooked in ginger, garlic, and other spices, and then dried. All that is left to do is toss in some fresh herbs and onion once everything has been processed into a thick paste in the food processor.

Why I Made Use of an Instant Pot (And never will again)

My other husband was working diligently to create a video for these box patties with a white sauce filling on the day I was filming this video. This is an example of multitasking. It seemed obvious to use the Instant Pot, which is one of my all-time favorite appliances. It should have been patient.

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Even though the IP does a good job of softening the daal, it took a lot of work to dry it out. It seems insignificant in comparison to cleaning it later.

Bun Kabab Recipe - Pakistani

The Daal Kabab’s Coating

I tried a few different methods for pounding the kababs. I didn’t like what the omelet-making and egg-wrapping process did to the taste of the kabab. Omelets also cool quickly and aren’t my favorites. Many recipes said to dip the kabab in meringue, but I didn’t think that was necessary or worth the trouble. Instead, I enthusiastically whisked two egg whites and one whole egg together, dipped them, and fried them.

The crucial components of a delicious bun kabab

  1. Crinkle Any way you acquire it, it’s necessary for a bun kabab. I used red onion spirals and gave the onions a 15-minute soak in cold water to reduce their aggressivity.
  2. PAN-TOASTED BUNS: Is this instance of capitalization necessary? I disagree. You must pan-fry both sides of your bun in order to have that great traditional Bun Kabab flavour and keep your bun from getting soggy. Although there are a lot of caps here, please believe me.

You can either use a little oil or butter your bread before cooking it for a few minutes on each side. You decide.

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