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This no-bake chocolate cheesecake is rich, decadent, and indulgent. It’s quick easy to make and does not require any oven. Start by making the chocolate base biscuit for the cheesecake. You can use any type of cookies or biscuits for the recipe, that you prefer, but I recommended going for Oreos. They are deliciously rich, and sweet and just work so well for this. You can use 25 Oreos or you can use it according to your requirement. Place your ores and processor until you have five crumbs. 


  • 25 oreo cookies
  • 250g dark chocolate|9oz
  • 250 ml cream| 1 cup
  • ½ Cup Powdered Sugar
  • 55g Butter |½ Stick  | ¼ Cup
  • 1 cup or 400 ml cream 
  • 250g cream cheese
  • 55g Butter |½ Stick  | ¼ Cup |

Instructions: How to make chocolate cheesecake mini no-bake 

1. Transfer the cookies crumb into a bowl and measure 55gm butter. Melt the butter in the microwave or in a sauce and pour over the oreo crumbs. Mix it well until it is left with a wet sandy texture.

2.  Pour the cookie base into a lined 8 inch or 20cm cake tin and press down with the back of the spoon until well compacted and even. Place into the fridge to get set while you work on the chocolate cheesecake filling.

3. Place the bowl over a pot of boiling water and turn the heat off and leave to melt slowly. Pour the cold cream into a large bowl and start to whip the cream to the softly whipped stage as it will get more when all the ingredients are mixed together. 

4. In a clean bowl add room temperature cream cheese and measure out the icing sugar or powder sugar, beat the cream cheese and sugar together with a whisk until completely smooth, and combine everything together.

5. Pour softly whipped cream and melted chocolate into the bowl and mix together with the whisk until everything is combined, pour the cheesecake filling into the cake tin and smooth out the top with a set spatula.

6. Tap it on the bench a few times to remove any air bubble and place bach into the fridge. Now, the only thing that you can make this cheesecake better is more chocolate and that is in the form of chocolate ganache. 

7. Chop the chocolate into small pieces and place it into a small bowl. Pour the cream into a saucepan and place it over medium heat. Remove from the heat when the cream is just combing to boil and pour over the chocolate.

8. Leave for about 5 minutes before stirring until completely smooth. Pour the ganache over the cheesecake, tap on the bench to remove any airy bubble, and place into the fridge or freeze at least 5-6 hours or overnight. Now just cut a slice, share around and enjoy chocolate cheesecake. 

For food chocolate you need really good quality dark chocolate, don’t use baking chocolate chips as often made with oil instead of cocoa butter.
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