Magic Mug Low Carb Bread Recipe


This gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, paleo-friendly, and ketogenic-friendly low-carb bread recipe made in a magic mug is light and fluffy and requires no grains!

Magic Mug Low Carb Bread Recipe

The Long and Winding Road to Low-Carb Bread

Our family went through a fairly difficult time throughout the fall of 2017.

One day, my daughter Ava, who is 15 years old, came home from school complaining of severe stomach ache.

At first, we were concerned that she might have a stomach virus on the way. However, as each day passed without resolution, we became aware that we were dealing with a totally other issue.

She was finally diagnosed with “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” after spending weeks going to a variety of different doctors, being subjected to an unimaginable number of medical tests, X-rays, and CT scans, and trying out a few different forms of alternative medicine.

A classification that appears to be a catch-all word for any digestive condition for which conventional medical practitioners are unable to identify a reason.

Magic Mug Low Carb Bread Recipe

A Bread Recipe That Does Not Involve Gluten

Ava is avoiding foods that are high in fructose, oats, and galactose (High FODMAP), which includes a broad range of fruits and vegetables. Ava follows a diet that is devoid of gluten, sugar, and dairy products. (People who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome should avoid these foods since they have the potential to ferment in the body before being completely digested.)

It goes without saying that she is restricted in the kinds of foods she can eat at the present.

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Magic Mug Low Carb Bread Recipe

Low Carb Diet and Keto Diet

She has made it her mission to discover (or develop) tasty dishes that she can enjoy and that will also help her control her desires. Bread is the food that she finds most difficult to imitate.

Rice flour, sugar, and dried milk are some of the ingredients that are contained in all of the gluten-free breads that can be purchased in stores that we have researched and found.

Even our all-time favourite option when it comes to low-carb bread, Cloud Bread, has dairy in it!

Magic Mug Low Carb Bread Recipe

Ava made up her mind to create a bread recipe that she could eat one morning, and she was willing to spend the entire day doing so if necessary.

After we had made the purchase of a variety of grain-free flour alternatives, she went straight to work in the kitchen.

She searched online for a variety of gluten-free bread recipes and tested several of them, modifying the recipes to exclude the elements that she is unable to consume.

Magic Mug Low Carb Bread Recipe

What Components You Will Require to Have

  • 1/2 millilitre of oil of any sort
  • 2 big eggs or liquid vegan egg substitute
  • 1/2 cup almond flour that has been finely ground (I used Bob’s Red Mill).
  • grain-free baking powder, one-half of a teaspoon
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
Magic Mug Low Carb Bread Recipe

Gluten-free bread that can be heated in the microwave

The first few batches of bread had a flavour resembling seaweed, tree bark, and vinegar all at the same time. After having a hearty belly laugh at their expense, we discarded them. Nevertheless, by the time the day was over, Ava had stumbled into something.

She was able to locate a number of gluten-free and microwaveable mug bread recipes… She is unable to consume anything that contains rice, coconut, or quinoa flour.

Ava made tweaks using almond flour, extra moisture, and Viola!

A gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, paleo, ketogenic, low FODMAP bread that tastes and feels exactly like regular bread despite being free of all those other ingredients!

Magic Mug Low Carb Bread Recipe

The Step-by-Step Guide to Making Low-Carb Bread Using Ava’s Magic Mug


Simply rub some oil on the interior of a microwave-safe mug that isn’t curved.
Eggs, gluten-free baking powder, finely ground almond flour, and a pinch of sea salt should be whisked together. (You have the option of doing this step in the mug itself or in a separate bowl.)
After that, heat the bread batter in the mug in the microwave for three minutes.
When you flip the mug over, a loaf of IBS- and allergen-friendly, light and fluffy bread will fall out.

Magic Mug Low Carb Bread Recipe

The Low Carb Magic Mug Bread creates wonderful tiny sandwiches, can be used to make french toast, and toasts nicely in a skillet even when there is no oil or butter present. The flavour is subtly nutty, and the texture is airy and slightly spongy.

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Give Ava’s Low Carb Magic Mug Bread a go if you suffer from food allergies, have health problems that prevent you from eating certain foods, or are just attempting to eat an extremely low-carb diet.

During this challenging period in her life, it has undeniably been a bright spot.

In comparison to other types of bread, such as Ezekiel bread, almond flour bread, multiseed loaves, Dave’s killer bread, or golden wheat bread, this cloud bread is by far our top pick.

Please refer to the recipe card that may be found below for instructions on how to make magic mug low carb bread.

Magic Mug Low Carb Bread Recipe

Recipe Hints and Guidelines for Low-Carb Bread


Yes! Although we think the flavour is finest when made with almond flour, quinoa flour really works extremely well in this recipe.

Coconut flour is another alternative that can be used. Due to the fact that it is so absorbent, you will only need to use a third of a cup of coconut flour and an additional two teaspoons of oil in order to make the bread more malleable.

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