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Even in today’s digital age, customers frequently prefer phone support when contacting customer service. The immediacy and familiarity of speaking on the phone with a live person foster trust between a customer and a customer service representative.
However, managing phone support can be a significant challenge for many growing businesses. While it is frequently an excellent way to assist customers, it is also the most time-consuming, least cost-effective, and most difficult to measure support channel.

If you want to provide excellent phone support to your customers, you’ll need call center software that allows your service team to do their best work. Customers will be placed on hold if this software is not used, while agents struggle to answer questions.

Supervisors will be unable to manage the chaos because they will lack visibility into call volume and trends. The best call center software routes call to the appropriate agents, provides additional context to employees, and assists management in executing an omnichannel strategy.

Call Center Software Features

The best call center software for your team is determined by your specific requirements. Every tool has advantages and disadvantages depending on how you intend to use it. To determine which tool is best for you, make a list of desired features and then zero in on your top choices. Here are a few features to think about in your search.

1. Omnichannel

If you’re looking for call center software, you’re probably also supporting your customers through other channels of communication (like email, live chat, or social media). It’s critical to think about how well your new call center software will integrate with your existing channels.

According to HubSpot, a unified customer service experience reduces customer friction and boosts front-line efficiency. Incoming calls should ideally be recorded on your help desk, allowing agents to follow up via email. This feature allows everyone on your team to see the context of previous customer interactions, regardless of which channel they occurred on. As a result, you’ll provide a consistent customer experience regardless of the channel through which the interaction begins.

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