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Suppose you’re constructing a house. It’s a complicated process in which some tasks must be completed in a specific order. You can’t put up windows if the walls aren’t up yet. You most likely have dozens of contractors on the job, and you need to know which days they are available to pour the foundation, lay the tile, and so on. Software project management is necessary for you.

Then you must schedule them based not only on their availability but also on each task being completed in the correct order. Using project management software to manage a complex project like this one, including all of the jobs that need to be done by whom and when is the best way to go.

What Is the Definition of Project Management Software?

A type of online collaborative app is project management software. Everyone involved in a project logs in to see what they’re supposed to do and when. These individuals also keep track of their progress on those tasks and include pertinent information, such as notes about any changes. People with the appropriate permission level can also see what everyone else is doing, what requirements must be met, and when.

The project management app provides a clear overview of the project and its health to the person or people in charge of it. Is every task on track to be completed on time? How does a late task affect the projected deadlines of other tasks? Is there someone available to take over an urgent task if the person assigned to it becomes ill? Furthermore, if the project management app supports financial tracking, the app will inform those in charge whether the project is on budget.

How Do We Pick the Best Project Management Apps?

We evaluated and tested more than 25 project management platforms for this roundup of the best project management apps, and only the products with the highest scores have been included. PCMag’s inclusion is based on independent testing and evaluation. We consider the needs of a variety of business types when determining scores, including small businesses on a budget and large organizations that must manage multiple projects, people, and budgets at the same time.

We only include traditional project management apps in this category. These apps are designed to manage projects rather than ongoing tasks. A project is a body of work with a beginning, middle, and end date as well as a deliverable.

To be considered for this list, the app must provide Gantt charts, which are a type of timeline view commonly used in project management. All of the apps in this list include additional standard tools for tracking, organizing, and scheduling project-based work.

Trello, Basecamp, and Airtable are also good collaboration apps that are sometimes called “project management apps.” While some collaboration or work-management apps are very capable of managing specific types of work, they aren’t necessarily designed to manage the complexities of dozens or hundreds of projects and their schedules at the same time. As a result, they are not included here.

What Can a Project Management App Do?

You can use project management apps to keep track of and run almost any kind of project, like making a new product, building a house or website, or starting a marketing campaign. Project management apps are typically used by teams to track more than one project at a time. The software helps them figure out when to schedule work based on when tasks need to be done and how many people are available to do them.

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The best project management apps anticipate problems before they occur. Project management apps can sound an alarm when a deadline is in danger of slipping, but before it actually happens, by tracking the progress of work and individual tasks (for example, having completed six hours of a task that is estimated to take a total of eight hours).

When tasks veer off course, the most powerful project management apps will automatically reflow the project schedule. They generate reports that inform managers about which team members have been assigned too much or too little work. Some also allow you to track project budgets and log billable hours so that you can bill clients for time worked.

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