Strawberry Smoothie Recipe


Strawberry Smoothie Recipe: This is the best smoothie since it is very easy to make. It simply takes three ingredients and one minute to prepare!

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Making Simple Things Difficult

Let’s get started with this Easy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe…

We sometimes purposefully confuse things. We make life more difficult than it has to be in order to appear more sophisticated or elegant. High heels are an excellent illustration.

Indeed, they are adorable and make your calves appear wonderful. Yet, they are incredibly awful for your back, unpleasant, slightly risky, and make stair climbing virtually difficult. We wear them anyway, hoping not to trip or twist our ankles.

This sort of behavior happens in the culinary realm as well.

Consider Beef Wellington. It’s delicious, but is it really worth all the time and effort that goes into making a good Wellington beef? Is it better than a perfectly cooked steak with sautéed mushrooms? Is the “glitz” element worth all the extra effort? In my opinion, no.

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

A Straightforward Strawberry Smoothie

I was going through one of my favorite food magazines the other day and came across a strawberry smoothie recipe. It piqued my interest at first because of the lengthy list of ingredients—15 grocery items to be exact.

I paused in awe. “Who in their right mind would go to the shop and buy 15 ingredients just to prepare smoothies?” Some smoothie-makers like to add protein powder, flax, or minerals to their smoothies to boost the health benefits, but I wasn’t persuaded. My fave magazine was putting on airs to fancy up a simple strawberry smoothie.

This is similar to wearing heels with gym shorts.

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Making a Strawberry Smoothie

Therefore, today I’d like to give Easy Strawberry Smoothie Directions without proof. This is the best strawberry smoothie recipe, in my opinion, because:

It simply requires three ingredients.
The components can be altered to suit your preferences or diet.
It’s creamy and thick.
It also has twice the flavor of conventional smoothies.
All you need is:

Milk (dairy, soy, cashew milk, etc.)
Strawberries, frozen
Strawberry preserves

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry Jam

The key ingredient in this simple strawberry smoothie recipe is strawberry jam. It not only sweetens the smoothie but also enhances the strawberry flavor without the use of any artificial flavored syrups or extracts.

Frozen strawberries are preferred over fresh strawberries because they thicken and chill the smoothie without the need for additional ice to dilute it. Furthermore, frozen berries enable you to make smoothies at any time of year.

The cow’s milk can be interchanged with kefir or another form of non-dairy milk that you like. Sugar-free jam or “spreadable fruit” could also be used to reduce sugar levels.

Of course, you can add any type of frozen fruit and jam to make this “best” smoothie recipe your own… Raspberry, blackberry, mango, and the possibilities are endless.

This simple strawberry smoothie recipe is proof that glitz and glamor can take you only so far. Sometimes the simple choice provides the greatest pleasure.

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Read the recipe card below for instructions on how to make this Strawberry Smoothie. Enjoy!

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Questions and Answers


You certainly can! Add 1 cup of yogurt (or greek yogurt) and 1/2 cup of water to thin it out. You may even add more berry taste by using strawberry yogurt!


Bananas, almond milk or coconut milk, orange juice, chocolate or cocoa powder, almond butter, various nut butter variations, handfuls of spinach or kale, chia seeds, or protein powder are all optional additions to this smoothie.

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Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

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Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Prep time: 5 minutesTotal time: 5 minutesServings:4 servingsCalories:169 kcal


The BEST Simple Strawberry Smoothies Recipe that has nothing to prove. It requires only 3 ingredients and a minute to make!



  1. Place the frozen strawberries, strawberry jam, and milk in the blender.

  2. Place the lid over the top.

  3. Puree until smooth.


  • Mix it up! Try using blackberry preserves and frozen blackberries or mango jelly with frozen chunks of mango. 
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